The best cutting option known since ages


Saw is a tool which consists of a sharp-teethed blade made to cut through things. It is most commonly used to cut through a piece of wood be it a tree, a wooden log, a wooden sheet, etc. Saw is sometimes used even to cut through metal or stone.

Using saw, in general, is very easy the blade has to place on the material which is to be cut through and using the handle the blade is made to run through the object to and fro using mechanical force ad in case of power saw electrical force also.

According to material density and type of material to be cut through different types of the saw are made. These different types of saw, in general, have the same functionality, i.e., to cut through the products.

These different types of the saw are as follows:

  • Butchers saw: the most common and the most used saw for ages is the butchers saw it is mainly used to cut through the flesh and bones. In a case made above five feet to cut larger animals, it is used by more than one person.
  • Crosscut saw: this type of saw is used to cut wood in a perpendicular direction to the grain of the wood.
  • Docking saw: this kind of saw has an unbreakable metal handle; it is used to perform rough work.
  • Artillery saw: this type of saw is usually up to four feet long and is used in tactical purposes to cut the bushes and twigs and branches for gun sightings.
  • Plywood saw: it is a fine-toothed saw used to cut plywood.
  • Veneer saw: a two-edged saw used for sole purpose of cutting veneers
  • Two men saw: it is a large crosscut saw used for cutting large logs, big trees.
  • Ice saw: this saw has a coursed
  • Teethed blade and a large handle used for harvesting ice which is to be stored or to be transported to a different place.
  • Pruning saw: a most common saw nowadays having a profile of 12-28 inch blade with teeth on both the edges, one side of teeth being coarser than the other serving variety of purposes.

One can buy cheap saw of all kinds for general purposes from markets easily as they are readily available. For some specific jobs saw can be made to order by specifying the type of work, mode of power required for operation, size of blade and handle. Thus the purpose of cutting through an object can be easily achieved

One can also benefit from saw the online purchase as there is a wide range of manufacturers making different saws worldwide which won’t be available generally in the local market. The buyer benefits from purchasing a saw online as he would get the required saw online at cheaper rates. Sometimes saw buying online also benefits the customer saving him the time of going to market and buying it from the market, when he can buy it at one click from the global platform of the internet. He can avail various discounts on the product which are sometimes provided by the online sellers.

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