Movie ticket booking online – way to spend quality time with family

Movie ticket booking online – way to spend quality time with family


India’s urban  population as per census 2011 is 455 million of which 295 million people are using internet enabled services like social media, emails, shopping online, ordering for food, movie ticket booking, rail and air tickets, hotel bookings and other such services online, paying bills online, recharging prepaid connections online and more. Rural India, on the other hand has about 918 million people out of which only 186 million have access to internet and are literate enough to use internet enabled services. This vast disparity in not only the population figures but also internet penetration in urban versus rural ratios is the potential area for  internet service providers, cellular operators and the Government of India to allow people to enjoy the immense power of internet.

Getting online and conducting activities using internet has made life easy for the common man. One can carry out these personal activities from their home, offices and even when one is travelling. The only essential things are a smart phone, a laptop or a personal computer and internet connectivity. That’s all! And one can perform any possible task from checking official and personal emails to booking hotel room, from ordering a specialized electronic product to movie tickets booking online. Everything is happening in the virtual world. Personal touch is no longer mandatory for completing tasks. You are empowered and enabled to carry out most of your day-to-day tasks sitting from one corner of your living room or office cubicle – tasks that may have originated from the other side of the Earth to tasks that are localized and essential for your continued lifestyle and way of living.

In this hectic schedule of life, we all look forward to breaks and vacations – of spending quality time with family and friends, of visiting a new place, of exploring something unknown and far beyond. One very popular way of spending the weekend with family and close relatives in India is to go out for dinner or watch a movie together. These types of social get-togethers may be planned weeks in advance or may get planned at the last minute. Whatever the situation is, when it comes to watching a movie at a multiplex hall, you would want to pre-book tickets in order to avoid last minute rush and eliminate the risk of not getting seats at the end moment from the ticket counter. The best way then is to get online and get the movie tickets booking done from the website of the particular theater or from a reseller site like Phonepay, Mobikwik and Paytm or their mobile Apps.  One of the biggest advantages of online booking of movie tickets is that the prospective customer gets to book his choice of seats. And if your choice of seats is already booked, you can change the show time or book for the next day. While making payments for the tickets, the buyer can also choose from various discount coupons, promo codes and cash back offers so that the net value of the tickets is way less than their original price.

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