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Over the years, there have been numerous cases of neighbours fighting due to the presence of a pet in one of the concerned families. The basic tolerance for including furry friends as part of apartment societies has gone up immensely in the last couple of decades. Rules have been modified since then and these have all been in favour of the pets or pet owners.

Similarly, in this period, builders and developers in Bangalore have also realised the importance of having areas that can be considered pet friendly in the common parts of an apartment as well as within the apartment. The reasoning behind this is that there has been an influx not just in the number of pet owners, but also in the types of pets that people keep these days.

There are many flats for sale in Sarjapur Road which would be the perfect home for pets. Some of the apartments for sale in Marathahalli outer ring road or the apartments in Haralur road would be the perfect blend for such requirements. Any pet owner would vouch for the love and loyalty they get back from their loved ones and these are just two of the many positives of having a pet as a companion. Mentioned below are some of the infrastructural changes that have taken place for the benefit of our hairy but not-so-scary ones.

Apartment features

This, arguably, is the biggest upgrade for pets in the society. Most of the bigger cities in India have been making little nooks and corners for the sole use of the 4-legged variety at home. Some of these could also be used for the winged and finned varieties as well.

Pet sized furniture- There are a lot of apartments which are now including custom built cupboards and the like for dogs and other pets. There is other furniture as well which is made while keeping the physical appearance of pets in mind.

Walls- The sounds emanated by a pet has led to many an argument in the past if not a physical duel as well. Taking this into consideration, the walls of such apartments are now being made with some added insulation to muffle out the sounds of that sudden squawk or bark.

Luxury amenities- For the ones that leave no stone unturned when it comes to pampering their pets, there are apartments which provide separate pools for humans and animals. Some apartments are even coming up with heated window seats. Some of the flats in Sarjapur road or apartments in Doddakannelli, to be specific, could fit this bill.

Special features- While things like open garden spaces have been around for a while, developers are now incorporating things like grooming stations, dog walks with special clean-up features, grooming stations and miniature dog parks amongst others.

Technological features

Technology, it seems, has not made advancements over the years for the sole purpose of humans. There are various features these days which give a pet owner an added sense of security when it comes to the surveillance of their beloved ones who need to be left behind at home on many an occasion.

Smart devices and applications- With so many devices being used for a variety of reasons, it hardly comes as a surprise that there are a number of applications and devices which help to keep watch over a pet even when one is not physically present. One of the best things about these technological aspects is that it gives a whole new insight into the behaviour patterns of one’s pet when left behind at home without any supervision. Along with this, one also has the satisfaction of knowing that their pet is fine and not experiencing any problems as such. Some of the more advanced features include a system which turns the phone at home into a speaker and allows for real-time interactions with the pets at home. How cool is that!!!!!

The best thing over the years, though, is the manner in which tolerance levels for including pets in apartments have gone up massively. Humans are finally beginning to understand the real advantages that a pet brings with it and starting to realise that there is much more to pets than just barking and littering. For people looking to find new homes which are also welcoming for their pets, some of the apartments for sale in Sarjapur road could be the perfect place to probably start and end their search in a quest for pet friendly apartments and societies.

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