Be Careful When Making Online Hotel Booking with Your Credit Cards

Be Careful When Making Online Hotel Booking with Your Credit Cards


You are planning for your dream vacation along with your near and dear ones. Your hotel booking is one of the essential things you do. Usually, you use your Credit Cards for booking your hotel rooms. It is the most convenient way of paying for the same. However, you should be careful because you share your vital and confidential financial information. It is a risk because hackers can gain access to your bank accounts by stealing such information to access your bank accounts.

Things to note while booking hotel rooms online

  • Use a reputed travel agency website for booking your hotel rooms. You can find a lot of shady operators in the business offering you cheap rates and attractive discounts. Do not fall into this trap. One way of confirming the genuineness of these discounts is to phone the respective hotel and seek clarifications.
  • Ensure that the website you visit is a secure one. You can ascertain this fact by checking out the web address. It will begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. You notice a green padlock in the address bar signifying that the website is a safe one.
  • The difference between the HTTPS and HTTP address is that the website encrypts your message before forwarding them in the HTTPS mode. In the HTTP mode, there is a free exchange of information without any encryption. Therefore, these websites are more prone to hacking as compared to the HTTPS ones.
  • Most of the Credit Cards available today have more than one layer of security. The transaction involves you to enter either your ATM pin, or the set of random numbers from a grid, or a password. Also, you have specific banks following the procedure of sending an OTP (One-Time Password) by way of SMS to the registered mobile number. It is to ensure the maximum security and avoid misuse of the SBI Credit Card or other cards.
  • Be careful of those hotel websites that seek the auto debit clearance from you. The chances of misusing the facility are high.
  • Usually, the original sites encrypt the CVV numbers and the passwords when you enter them at the required places. In case, it does not do so, refrain from using the website for paying online. You can end up compromising your private data.
  • You get a receipt every time you book your hotel rooms using the credit card. Take a printout of the booking and confirm with the respective hotel that you have reserved the rooms for the specific dates.

These things can happen if you are not careful

The recent Cambridge Analytica-Facebook fiasco should awaken you to the possibilities that can happen when you compromise your private and confidential information. The European Union has a stringent regulation regime for companies that gather personal data. These companies include hotels as well. The enforcement of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)is already underway since 25 May 2018 in all the countries belonging to the EU.

  • Hackers can gain access to the unsecured websites to steal vital information about people booking hotel rooms through such sites.
  • Unscrupulous companies can share crucial information about their clients with other sites thereby jeopardizing your security. Now, such occurrences will reduce with the implementation of the GDPR in the EU.
  • Phishing websites not only steal critical information but also help hackers gain access to your bank accounts. Your hotel room booking does not go through either. Hence, you become a loser on all fronts.

How do you find the right Credit Card?

Banks and Credit Card issuing companies have various Credit Card products that offer attractive deals on hotel bookings. Such banks have facilities for providing reward points that you can redeem later on.

It is better to use specific co-branded Credit Cards for booking hotel rooms. It is safe because the banks issuing such cards do the preliminary check of the hotel brand before agreeing with the company. The banks have a reputation to maintain.

Check out the various Credit Card Offers Onlineby either visiting the individual bank website, browsing the sites of the Credit Card service providers or through online financial services provider like MyMoneyMantra. The latter option is better because you can compare the features, advantages, and disadvantages of various Credit cards before choosing the right one.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, one should be very careful while making hotel bookings online with their Credit Cards. Never compromise with your data under any circumstances. It can do more harm than good.

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