Photos of Cobh, Ireland

It’s been a few years since our last trip to Ireland, so we thought we’d resurface this blog post. We wrote an informative post about the perfect Ireland road trip for families. One of the highlights from this road trip was visiting the town of Cobh. It’s a cute harbour town located on the south coast in County Cork, about 30 minutes from the famous Blarney Castle.

Cobh is home to Ireland’s only dedicated cruise terminal, so it’s become quite the tourist town in recent years. Once known as Queenstown, Cobh is widely known as the final port of call for the RMS Titanic before it set out on its maiden voyage. It’s also the departure point for 2.5 million Irish people who emigrated to North America between 1848 and 1950.

Not surprising, it rained during our visit to Cobh. But that didn’t stop us from wandering the historical streets and snapping a few photos. We love the colourful old fishing boats and Victorian architecture.

Cobh is a cute Irish seaside town.

We spent about 3 hours in Cobh, including lunch at a pub. We hopped on a tourist train that transported us around the town and took us to a few lookout points.

The town is built on a steep hill, so the train was a good idea. It allowed us to take a peak inside the impressive St. Colman’s Cathedral that dominates the town skyline. We love the beautiful Gothic churches in Ireland and Europe. 

Here are a few photos of Cobh from our visit.

As is typically the case in Ireland, it rained during our time in Cobh. As such, we did not have great light or blue skies for these photos. You take what you get when you’re road tripping around Ireland!

Above – the iconic ‘Deck of Cards’ row of colourful homes.

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St Colman’s Cathedral is one of the tallest buildings in Ireland.

View of the town from the lookout point at St Colman’s Cathedral.

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These rooftops brought back memories of chimney sweepers in Mary Poppins.

I love how this row of brightly coloured buildings bends in a semi-circle.

Where to stay in Cobh Ireland?

We stayed at the Blarney Golf Resort, located just outside the town of Blarney in the countryside. We stayed here because it was close to the Blarney Castle and, most importantly, it has a swimming pool.

It’s about a 30 minute drive from Blarney to Cobh.

We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel. The restaurant is nice and the rooms are spacious. Because the property is in the country, it’s quiet and peaceful in the evenings. The boys had fun running on the fields of grass, swimming in the pool and playing in the mini-playground/kids room.

Here are a few more options for hotels in Cobh.

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Have you visited Ireland? What was your highlight?

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