Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island BC

Moutcha Bay Resort is a unique wildness resort located in beautiful Nootka Sound, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It’s known for world class fishing, wildlife tours,  sea kayaking, luxurious waterfront yurts and stunning views of Nootka Sound.

We decided to visit Northern Vancouver Island for our first family RV road trip. British Columbia campgrounds book up quickly in the summer months, so its best to make reservations well in advance. Our research directed us to Moutcha Bay Resort.

Our goal was to spend more time on the top of Vancouver Island, but there are limited RV campgrounds up there. Moutcha Bay Resort still had a few RV campsites available, so we decided to head west and spend time at this Nootka Sound resort.  

In this post, we share our experience and photos of Moutcha Bay Resort and our Nootka Sound fishing adventure. 

Moutcha Bay Resort RV Campground

We spent 3 nights at the Moutcha Bay Resort RV campsite. We stayed in The Highlands section of the campground. Campsite number 26, to be exact.

For your reference, here’s a link to view the Moutcha Bay Resort map. 

We like that the campsites are well spaced and surrounded by tall trees. Some of the other RV campgrounds we stayed at offer little privacy. The RV campsites at The Highlands are a decent size and the public washroom and showers are close to the campsites.

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As you can see, the RV campgrounds are a good size. Neighbouring campsites are at least 50 feet away, on both sides. Directly behind this campsite (number 26) is a cluster of trees and a large rocky hill, so we did not see our neighbours.

The Highlands campground has a playground with a fun kid’s zip line. The campsites are in a loop, so it’s easy for kids to find the playground. 

Our campsite has awesome mountain views. Perfect spot to enjoy morning coffee by the fire.

The RV campground is appropriately named ‘The Highlands’ because it sits high up on the mountain. To get down to the marina, you take a series of wooden stairs that connect the campsites to the waterfront.

Luxurious Nootka Sound yurts with oceanfront views.

Next time we visit Moutcha Bay Resort, we will stay in one of these. They look amazing.

Nootka Sound camping at it’s finest! Unobstructed views of the mountains and ocean.

Our boys had fun fishing off the docks in the marina. They literally spent 4-5 hours fishing here each day.

They caught a few small fish on the docks at Moutcha Bay Marina, which made their day. We had to put these little fish back in the ocean. Not without some resistance from our oldest boy, who wanted to BBQ everything he caught. Not this time. 

We might have a little fisherman on our hands. He became mildly obsessed on this summer road trip.

Moutcha Bay Marina in Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island

We went fishing with this 18-foot aluminum fishing boat. It comes fully equipped with fishing equipment and fuel. It’s the perfect way to explore Nootka Sound. Scroll down to read about our fishing experience.

Evening sun casting shadows on the shore. The water colour is vibrant this time of day. 

We had fun walking along the rocky shoreline in search of sea creatures and treasures. There are thousands of oysters on the beach and rocks. Signs are posted to inform guests that these oysters are not edible. Leave them alone. 

Moutcha Bay Resort also has cute waterfront cabin accommodations for guests. 

The water was too cold for cannonballs off the dock. Maybe next time.

This is the boardwalk path from the main building to the marina.

The boardwalk is covered by trees and passes this bench with views of the water and mountains.  

Above is the boat fuel station at Moutcha Bay in Nootka Sound.

The boardwalk connects the marina to the main lodge (the brown building in the distance).

The fishing resort also has small waterfront yurts available, like the one picture above. They are conveniently located in front of the main lodge and restaurant. 

Nootka Sound Sea Kayaking 

Moutcha Bay Resort has several kayaks for guests to rent. This is a great place for a paddle. You’re surrounded by mountains in every direction. It’s a very peaceful place. 

The best time for a paddle is in the morning or late afternoon. It gets quite windy and choppy around mid-day, making it challenging to paddle against the current. 

Our boys are too young to paddle alone in a single kayak, so we opted for the double kayak. The section in front of the waterfront cabins and yurts is a good place to practice before heading out. 

As the kayak floated further and further away from shore, I could tell that Braydon was feeling less comfortable. Even though the waves don’t look very big, the boat got a little too rocky for his liking. He was much happier closer to the marina. 

Nootka Sound Fishing

The clear highlight from our time at Moutcha Bay Resort was driving a private fishing boat around Nootka Sound. Guests are able to rent a fishing boat from Nootka Marine Adventures.

Initially, we hoped to join a Nootka Sound fishing excursion, but all of the boats and guides were spoken for. That’s what we get for leaving things to the last minute in peak season. 

However, the fine folks at Nootka Marine Adventures had another option for us. They have several small fishing boats that come fully stocked with fishing equipment. This was our first time salmon fishing on a boat, so it was both exciting and confusing. We had not even heard of a flasher before. 

More info on the Nootka Marine Adventures boat rentals here.

The 18 feet aluminum fishing boats are perfect for a family of four.

The ocean was super calm the morning of our fishing adventure. 

I’ll admit, I was nervous the night before. We do not drive boats very often and I was concerned that the water would be too choppy. I had visions of puking kids and big waves splashing onboard. Fortunately, we woke up to perfect conditions.

It’s so nice being on the water surrounded by nothing but nature.  

Moutcha Bay Resort Boat Rental 

The great thing about staying at a Nootka Sound fishing lodge is that world class fishing spots are located right in front of you. Within a few minutes we were dropping our lines and crossing our fingers. 

We noticed most of the organized fishing tours went to the open water outside of the sound. However, we did see a few boats pull out some big fish in this spot (pictured below). So, we gave it shot. 

The fishing boats are equipped with radios, GPS and an electronic fish-finding system.

We felt pretty hardcore using this fishing equipment. It’s the real deal.

Can you guess which one of these boys loves fishing? 

We did not catch any fish that morning. But we learned a lot and it was a fun experience.

Next time, we’ll go with a guide who can show us how to properly fish for salmon. We are total amateurs. 

Even if fishing is not your thing, boating around Nootka Sound is worth it for the incredible scenery. 

Moutcha Bay Restaurant

An added to bonus to staying at the Moutcha Bay RV campground is that you can dine at The Conuma Grill restaurant.

I know, I know. Some might say that’s cheating. We rented a nice RV camper that comes with a kitchen, so we should use it and eat by the campfire. We totally agree. However, we have a weak spot for restaurants serving cold draft beer on a patio with ocean views.  

The Conuma Grill is located on the main floor of the lodge at Moutcha Bay Resort. It serves West Coast offerings, from from morning to night throughout the summer season. You also can grab take-out meals to go, if you’re getting tired of campground food. 

When you’re visit the coast, you order the fish and chips. Perfectly paired with a local BC craft beer.

Connor enjoyed this fancy Shirley Temple drink after our day of fishing and sea kayaking. 

The Conuma Peak ‘Sea’sar Salad was a big hit. I ordered this two days in a row. It’s loaded with poached prawns, candied salmon, bacon and fried capers. So good. 

Tasty Buffalo brown butter chicken wings. Best enjoyed on the patio with cold beer.

The restaurant does have a few options for kids. Our boys enjoyed the basket of chicken fingers and fries. It’s real chicken breast and served with some vegetables, so it’s not totally bad for them.

How to get to Moutcha Bay Resort

It’s relatively easy to drive to Moutcha Bay Resort (see map below). However, we should note that the road from Gold River to the campground is a little sketchy. The road is very windy and steep. It’s mostly loose gravel and some of the sections are quite bumpy and uneven.

Now, keep in mind, we were driving a rented RV camper. If we had our vehicle, we likely would have felt differently. The road is not terrible, but it’s not good. I write this so that you have the right expectations. We had no idea, so we were surprised and caught off-guard. 

More info about Nootka Sound travel directions here.

We enjoyed our time at Moutcha Bay Resort and plan to return. Next time, we will stay in one of those luxurious waterfront yurts and book a guided fishing excursion. 

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Have you been to Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island? 

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