Photos of Greenland: Icebergs, Glaciers and Mountains 

When the pilot stops the in-flight entertainment system to inform passengers that “something very unusual is happening”, you pause and listen to what he has to say.

Our first instinct is to assume that something is going wrong.

Fortunately, the opposite was happening that afternoon on our flight over the North Atlantic. This was one of those rare ‘you gotta see this’ moments. 

“I have flown this route hundreds of times before and only experienced visibility like this a handful of times”, the pilot continued. “Take a moment to look out your window to witness something truly amazing”.

The pilot was not lying. What we witnessed that afternoon is forever etched in our memories. 

In this post, we share some incredible aerial photos of Greenland. 

Photos of Greenland from our window seat

We couldn’t have asked for better visibility that afternoon. The pilot appeared to slow down the plane and tilt it, so passengers could get a clear view of the remarkable scenery. It felt as if we could reach out and touch the rocky, snow-capped mountains.

What a stroke of good luck!

This was the biggest glacier on the flight path. I wish I could provide more information about location, but I have no idea where we are at this point in the flight.

However, I do know that we were flying near the bottom tip of Greenland. 

Yes – your eyes are correct. That’s hundreds thousands of icebergs breaking free from the massive glacier. This was the first time we had ever seen floating icebergs, so it was kind of a big deal.

This glacier is enormous! Miles and miles of ancient snow and ice. 

The funny thing about these photos is that we were actually sitting in the middle row of the aircraft. Most of these photos were taken by me standing in the aisle, zooming in on the window and hoping that they didn’t turn out blurry.

I’m still in awe of just how big the mountains are in Greenland. Amazing. 

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Icebergs off the shore of Greenland

Fortunately, a friendly passenger sitting in the nearby emergency exit row got out of his chair and allowed me to take a few photos from his window seat. I think he heard my camera snapping non-stop and realized I was pretty keen to capture this incredible moment.

I was extremely grateful for his offer. He joked about charging me $1 per photo, but I’m glad he didn’t because I probably would have owed him about $20!

 This above is my favourite photo!

Quick facts about Greenland

Although it’s physio-graphically a part of North America, Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe, specifically Norway and Denmark. It is currently an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark.

Greenland is the world’s largest island.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking – surely Australia is larger than Greenland. You would be correct. However, Australia is not considered to be an island because it’s actually a continent. There’s some trivia knowledge for you!

What do you think of these photos of Greenland?

Have you flown over incredible landscapes before? Where? Leave us a comment below!

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